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Angela Curro

for Supervisor

District 4

Keeping San Benito County moving forward

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About Me

I served in both the public and private sectors since 1987. I am determined to make a difference and support the local community. Learn more about my story and find out how we could make San Benito County move forward.

Family Dogs_edited.jpg
Family Dogs_edited.jpg

I commit to working together with our community on these priorities to ensure that everyone benefits:

Smart Growth

  • Cleaner, safer, healthier infrastructure that: 

    • supports local careers​

    • improves local roads and traffic issues

    • guarantees future revenue

  • Collaborate and innovate with local cities and neighboring counties.

  • Step-By-Step approach to business and housing development. 

Accountability & Communication in Local Government

  • Commitment to continuously engage residents and promote transparency

  • Identify and reduce government waste

  • Ensure allocated resources are used for intended purposes


Community Health, Education, and Safety

  • Build trust between law enforcement and the community through strong partnerships

  • Help our agricultural community flourish and protect farmworkers

  • Enhance community parks, recreation centers, and library

Lawn Strip

Got Signs?

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