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Angela's Story

Angela started her career in local government in 1987, working on a psychiatric ward in the Santa Clara County Main Jail. After becoming a permanent employee, she transferred to the Registrar of Voters Office, where conducting elections became Angela's calling and passion. She served Santa Clara County voters from 1989-to 1998.  


In 1998, Angela accepted a position with the City & County of San Francisco's Department of Elections. She further developed her knowledge by attending multiple 'how to work the legislature' courses and became a legislative committee member with the California Association of Clerks and Election Officials.


After getting engaged to her husband John, Angela took a step back from public service to settle down after the Presidential Primary in 2000. However, it didn't stop her from expanding her work experience. She began working with John and took on the role of Project Engineer with a local general contractor. Her first project was the construction of Bonfante Gardens, now Gilroy Gardens. For over 11 years, she coordinated multimillion-dollar contracts and hundreds of subcontracts. She and her husband began to specialize in affordable housing projects. During her tenure in construction, Angela learned the real challenges of running a small business.


Who is Angela?


Angela Curro is a working mom, dedicated to her family, and determined to make a difference in people's lives. In 2001, John and Angela married. She and her husband welcomed their son Jackson into the world in 2002. They are very supportive and proud of Jackson. He has wanted to work for NASA since the age of two, and he is now attending an aeronautical university to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering.


After working in the private sector, she found her dream job in the County of San Benito as the Assistant County Clerk-Recorder-Registrar of Voters in 2011. This high-level position enabled her to influence change and support the community directly. She modernized, streamlined, and made the departments completely accessible for all the community. 


Family commitments caused Angela to take early retirement in 2020; even during a challenging year, she became involved in local community organizations by serving on her local Water Board, assisting with her husband's consulting business, serving as a committee member on Girls Inc., and attending local election advisory groups/committees. She has now reignited her desire to return to local government. Her drive is a force to be reckoned with.


The main elements for her agenda include public health and safety, law enforcement, road improvements, fiscal responsibility, and securing our natural resources.


If you would like a decisive leader and someone determined to be your voice, vote for Angela Curro as your next District 4 Supervisor. Together we can:


"Keep San Benito County moving forward."


Please help support and consider voting for Angela Curro as your next District 4 Supervisor.  Together we can keep San Benito County moving forward!

Angela Supports...

  • Smart Growth

  • Accountability & Communication in Local Government

  • Community Health, Education, and Safety

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